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Android app

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Access the largest mobile application market

Why is building an Android app essential for your business?

Creating an Android application is a real need for businesses and an advantage for developers. But choosing the right development environment is essential to building a good Android app.
In Europe, Android is one of the best performers in the mobile operating system market. Source Statcounter, Android accounts for 71.77% of devices, compared to 27.72% for iOS.

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What does Trendygital promise you for your Android application?

The choice of Android over other mobile application development platforms

  • Enable you as a business owner to compete for the attention of more potential customers
  • An Android application market that grows daily with opportunities for free and non-free advertising
  • Access to the Google Play Store, the largest mobile app marketplace with millions of users every day
  • Reach more people with your Android application than applications on other platforms
  • Constant updates allowing your Android application to better meet user needs

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