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React Native App

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What is a React Native mobile Application?

It is a Framework (infrastructure) for building Native and cross-platform mobile applications in JavaScript.

React Native uses the Native features of mobile devices and allows simultaneous targeting with a single technology on all platforms such as iOS, UWP and Android.

React Native uses an open source operating system (free code) used for smartphones and tablets. Facebook developed React Native and shared it under the BSD license in 2015. But beware, Facebook has changed the rights to use its open source library, so before using React technology, we invite you to read this article regarding the new React license.

However, React Native has already won over many mobile application giants, as it is a major asset for the considerable time and effort savings it offers, by allowing developers to target all platforms such as iOS. , UWP and Android with one technology. Instagram, Discovery, Sound Cloud and Facebook Ads have made this strategic choice.

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What does Trendygital promise you for your React Native app?

The great thing about React Native is that it saves a lot of time and effort !

React native allows the application developer to master only one language (JavaScript) specific to iOS, UWP and Android and save twice the time to build it.

  • Single code base for iOS, UWP and Android platforms
  • No version conflicts because the mobile application is homogeneous on iOS, UWP and Android
  • Development and maintenance speed of 30% compared to Native technology
  • Simultaneous deployment of the application on App Store, Windows phone & Google Play Store
  • Stunning performance and aesthetics guaranteed as in a Native application
  • A really reduced development cost for an optimized Time-to-market

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