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A choice that boosts your business

What is a Hybrid App?

This is a strategic choice if your business approach is development for rapid time-to-market, and if you anticipate a recurring rate of publications. To give you a well-known example, Linkedin has chosen the App Hybrid strategy in its mobile version.

Written in HTML5, CSS3 & Javascript languages, its content can be distributed on several platforms as it works on most operating systems; iOS, Android and Windows. However, you must provide a dedicated server for simultaneous calls and requests from your users on smartphones, desktops and laptops.

A Hybrid application is built in 3 months maximum and requires a reduced maintenance cost.

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What does Trendygital promise you for your Hybrid mobile application?

Your hybrid application is cheaper, easier and faster to develop than a native application

  • Download from Stores; Apple store, Windows phone and Google play store
  • Works on most Operating Systems; iOs, Android and Windows
  • Developed on the basis of a unique code to be cross-platform
  • Affordable design cost and reduced maintenance cost
  • Access to various hardware and software resources via plugins
  • Accelerated time to market for recurring publications

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