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Analyze, clean and secure

No business is safe from a cyber attack, but where do you start if you are under attack?

The purpose of a cyberattack is to block access to computers and all corporate data.
These attacks are now integrated by the CIOs of large companies (information systems department), but they must also be integrated by all companies that do not have an CIO, so protect your company of this growing risk.

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What does Trendygital promise you to clean and secure your platform in the event of a cyber attack?

Timestamp of all the characteristics of the attack, time, origin; fraudulent email, pop-up etc.

  • Analysis by our IT experts of infested computers
  • Clean up all endpoints infested by the attack and reset the entire system
  • Operating system security updates for computers, tablets and smartphones
  • Update all applications used by you and your collaborators
  • Backups and access tests of all data on different media and off-site
  • Definition of access to information according to a level of delegation in your company
  • Support for communication on the attack and its management with your customers and partners

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