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Geotargeted professional marketing SMS campaign

Send an SMS in a few clicks via our SMS & MMS Marketing Platform

  • Geotargeted professional SMS sending campaign
  • Geotargeted professional MMS campaign

No registration fees, the life of your credits is unlimited. This is its commitment, consume your SMS at your own pace. Benefit from ultra competitive and decreasing rates according to your needs. Indicate the quantity of SMS you need to know your purchase price. A Quality and Easy to use service, ideal for the success of all your SMS Marketing actions.

Send an SMS in a few clicks via our PRO SMS Platform:

  1. Consume your SMS credits at your own pace. Secure payment via your account by Carte Bleue or by Bank Transfer
  2. Post-Payment Contract Recurring needs & high volume; An invoice is issued on the basis of consumption during the past month. Payment by direct debit.

Benefit from optimal service and quality support:

  • Account opening and Free Tests Without Commitment. 10 PRO SMS credits are offered when opening the account
  • You can use your credits more than a year after purchase
  • We answer all your questions (ex: editorial advice, file cleaning

We are a Professional who protects your data in accordance with the general data protection regulations – RGPD managed by the CNIL.

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What does Trendygital promise you for sending your geotargeted professional SMS or MMS?

As an Issuer, highlight your brand, your product or your service

  • Our mobile “Direct Operator” connection guarantees us a quality service and guaranteed deliverability.
  • Instant or delayed sendings by scheduling your campaign on the date and time you want
  • Follow detailed campaign statistics in real time: acknowledgments of receipt, invalid numbers, “STOP” etc.
  • Label your SMS or MMS to identify you to your recipients, Ex: “My company”, “My Brand”
  • Create an unlimited number of contact lists, either by copy / paste or by importing an “Excel” file
  • Automatically clean up your contact file and delete fixed numbers and characters “”, “.”, “-“
  • Personalize the fields of your messages such as civility, name or first name. Ex: “Hello Mr. Durand
  • Trigger the automatic sending of “Birthday SMS or MMS” on the birthday dates of your customers
  • Automatic management of “STOP” SMS or MMS unsubscription and retrieve responses after receipt

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