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SEO and SXO optimization

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Be present in the first results of Google search !

If your website is perfectly SEO-SXO optimized, it will naturally rise in the results of Google

Natural referencing, also called SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, associated with SXO for Search eXperience Optimization is a major issue for every website. You should know that 95% of websites are dependent on Google which brings them the majority of extremely high traffic generated by search engines. Google’s algorithm places more and more importance on the quality of the user experience, hence the need to rank well on strategic keywords related to your website.

But more concretely, SEO-SXO is the fact of including its site in search engines and taking into account the quality of the experience of the Internet user who searches for information or content on the Internet without the use of exorbitant advertising budget.

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What Trendygital promises you to be on the 1st page of search results

An SEO technical audit will reveal to us the difficulties of your website and their SEO-SXO impacts

  • Stop allocating a large advertising budget to be only at the bottom of the 3rd page of results
  • Report on the issues of the technology used to create your site and which impacts SEO-SXO
  • A research and choice of competitive keywords for the competitive environment of your website
  • Combine SEO requirements, search engine requirements and user needs to find you
  • Eliminate codes that block the display of your site’s content for faster site loading
  • Reduce server response time to achieve a satisfactory delay of less than 0.200 seconds
  • Reduce the loading time of your site’s page to 3 seconds, because the Internet user will not wait

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