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Retargeting campaign

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Re-target only your potential prospects

The Retargeting campaign has become an essential Marketing tool for your business

Retargeting campaigns have become an essential Marketing tool for your business. Retargeting, re-targeting people who have already expressed an interest in your business, your products & services. Extremely effective, since you only re-target prospects who are potentially interested in your products or services. You can very precisely refine your target thanks to audience management. Marketing rules force knowing how to strike a perfect balance between creativity and campaign data analysis to achieve a winning Retargeting campaign.

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What does Trendygital promise you for your Retargeting campaign?

Capture the interest of your prospect in an advertising format where attention spans are limited to seconds

  • Tracking of the visitor who leaves your site through the other sites he visits where he will see your advertising insert
  • A clear and precise advertisement that highlights the direct benefit of your products or services
  • Allow your prospects to assimilate your message in a simple way by being direct
  • Highlight a clear, concise and powerfully illustrated promise
  • Several images allow your prospects to project themselves into the scenario you offer them
  • A scenario allowing your prospects to build a more complete imagination of your products and services

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