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Bailiffs website

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All your SCP's actions online

Create your PCS’s responsive website for your areas of focus.

Whatever your areas of intervention; Service of deeds, Execution of court decisions, Public auctions, Minutes of findings, Debt collection or even Legal advice, trust the expertise of Trendygital to offer you the interactive and dynamic Bailiffs website.

Your practice’s website will reflect your practice and will be displayed perfectly on all screens of mobile devices, making it easier for your users to access your various content. You can choose your website with or without a secure payment portal.

You want your visitors to quickly have an overview of your team and your practice’s areas of intervention, all accessible with one click thanks to a Mega menu, trust Trendygital.

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What does Trendygital promise you for your SCP website?

An adaptable website that perfectly matches all types of screens

  • Consult your findings
  • Request a report
  • Submit a deed
  • Withdraw your acts
  • Auctions
  • Online payment
  • All modern dematerialized means of contact

All modern paperless contact means compliant with the GDPR

  • A secure customer area for your customers
  • All modern dematerialized means of contact:
  • Advanced contact form
  • Direct call on mobile
  • Online appointment booking (additional if desired)
  • Inclusion of videoconferencing (additional if desired)
  • The possibility of consulting your site in 2 languages ​​(additional if desired)
  • Specialized blog (additional if desired)
  • The inclusion of a secure payment portal (additional if desired)
  • GTC, GDPR & PRIVACY POLICY (additional if desired)

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