Your customers and your competitors are obviously on social networks.
So you have to set goals to be successful and stand out.Thanks to the great opportunity offered by social networks ​
you can make your innovative offers and services known.

  • to gain notoriety
  • improve your engagement rate
  • generate leads, (qualified contact)

To gain notoriety
Visibility on social networks is management at all times.By ensuring a daily animation of your profiles of social networks ​
preferential, you can build yourselfa community that will be able to share your different content with high potential ​
so that it is quickly visibleexponential up to thousands of users.

  • Follow all your performance indicators, your number of fans and subscribers to your social networks​
  • The number of mentions of your social networks when a user shares a publication by tagging your account.
  • As a result your company where brand is mentioned and thus gaining notoriety.
  • Follow the number of views of your publications, this key indicator allows you to measure the scope of your publications​

Improve your engagement rate

In order for your brand to quickly acquire a real notoriety and win leads, you must have your fans and subscribers interact with your publications on each of the social networks. It’s important to improve your engagement rate on social networks because the more engagement you have, the better your community will bring you qualified contacts.

You must therefore follow the following key indicators :

  • number of thumbs up, (like)​
  • number of comments and shares of your publications that allows you to have a committed community.
  • number of clicks, because it is from a click that you will encourage your fans and subscribers to do specific actions.​
  • the clickthrough rate also allows you to measure your engagement rate.​
  • number of visits to your website, because the commitment is also measured when a user of your social network profile visits your site, it is because he wants to know more about your offers and / or products​

Generate qualified leads, (qualified contact)​

Using social networks will allow you to win new customers and increase your sales, while making your offers stand out.To measure your lead generation performance, you must follow your only ally, your conversion rate because only it can give you a precise indication of the generation of leads created from your social networks.​

In summary

It is important to be responsive and to daily animate your various social networks to acquire qualified and committed subscribers.

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