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Maison Agrebi baker pastry

We are Artisan bakers who have been working for 6 years under different labels of millers “Les Grands Moulins de Paris” and make a bread of good quality, respectful of the environment and our bakery. Precise rules of production and storage.

Galleconsultants Coach Carrier

Galleconsultants Carrier Coach Consultant, Professional Transition Consultant and Outplacement I am a consultant in outplacement and career management. I started my career as a recruitment consultant, mainly in high technology, transportation and services. In 2002, I started my own job coaching business.

SOBICA Vietnamese tea producer

Sobica is a Vietnamese tea producer concerned with preserving a natural and authentic taste for each ingredient that makes up its teas and coffees, which gives its products great taste qualities. Teas with subtle floral and fruity flavors, such as tea with rare grapefruit flowers, jasmine tea and also our famous Yuzu tea, a Japanese citrus fruit, flagship product of Sobica.

Control-Z Association Youth and Education

Contrôle-Z is an association approved Youth and Popular Education, created in 2003 Control-Z offers photo projects, videos, multimedia, DTP that promote social and professional integration, cultural openness and prevention. Coordinates and carries out audiovisual projects (short films, clips, documentaries) made with young people to talk about citizenship, education or commitment.

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